At this time, we do not have an online RV products store, maybe later.  In the meantime, I have posted links to RV products that I recommend.  Please note that I have personally purchased and used every single one of these products.  NONE of them have been given to me, nor have I received a commission, sponsorship, or kickback from any of these companies for my review.  I purchased all of them with my own money.  That said, the links below are affiliate links and I will get a small commission from Amazon if you use one of those links and then purchase something on Amazon in the following 24 hours.  That is how I’m able to support myself and bring this content to you free of charge.

Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100Volt/15 Amp Solar Charge Controller w/Bluetooth

A Solar Charge Controller is a must-have RV product if you have solar.  Two HQST 100 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels and one Newpowa 200 Watt Solar Panels are hooked up to it along with a small homemade 12-volt Lithium-ion battery.  The panels are listed below.  FYI, I do NOT recommend using a homemade Lithium-ion battery unless you know exactly what you are doing.  They can be deadly and are known to catch fire and even explode.  More on that later.


HQST 100 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels

This was the first solar panel that I bought.  I have two of these panels that are currently connected together in series and then connected in parallel to one Newpowa 200 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel listed below.


Newpowa 200 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels

This solar panel was added to my solar array to boost it from 12 volts to 24 volts nominal.


aeliussine 500W Pure Sine Wave 12-volt DC to 120-volt AC Inverter

I bought this little inverter to check one of the batteries that I built. I attached a 250-watt floodlight to the battery and ran it for two hours. The inverter performed fine the whole time. Please note that all inverters lose some percentage of the power they draw from the battery. Just as a rule of thumb, you should expect a 10% loss from any inverter.  Some inverters are better and some are worse than that.  In the case of this one, it’s pretty bad. It lost around 25%. So if you need an efficient one, this isn’t the one for you, but if you just want a small, cheap pure sine wave inverter (it says it’s pure sine wave but I don’t have an oscilloscope to test it with) then this one just might meet your needs.  It seems to be well made and if I needed a larger but still inexpensive inverter, I’d probably purchase one of their larger models especially if I wasn’t worried about power conversion loss.


Audible Premium Plus Annual Membership

Ok, I know this isn’t solar and not necessarily an RV product, but this is by far my favorite purchase on Amazon.  I use it every single day and have over 333 titles in my library and they are mine even after I cancel. I’ve achieved “Master” listening level and there are no higher levels.  First, I listen to books while driving everywhere. Second, I listen to a book every night and set a 30-minute sleep timer on the mobile app.  Also, right below, you’ll find the Bluetooth earbuds I use to listen while falling asleep.


SoundPEATS True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

This is my second favorite purchase on Amazon.  I bought them in December 2018 and use them on my phone throughout the day.  I also use them on my computer when I don’t want to use the speakers.  I’ve tried numerous wired and wireless earbuds but these are by far the most comfortable and best sounding earbuds I’ve ever bought and they are very inexpensive compared to other wireless earbuds.


TOOCA Outdoor 32″ Tall Dog Pen 16 Panels

We purchased three sets of these fence panels to wrap around our RV to keep our dog, Penny, safe. We’ve had them since August 2020 and they continue to work perfectly. Because we bought three sets, we have three gates. These are the fence panels that I attached our LED lights to.  The panels are also available in 24″ and 40″ heights.


2 Foot – 8.5 Foot Window Squeegee with Telescopic Extension Pole

We use this squeegee to clean both the solar panels and windows and it’s done a good job so far. The cleaner your glass solar panels are the more energy they collect, so washing them off occasionally is a good idea.


Ecoey WiFi Smoke Detector works with TUYA APP

I wanted a Smoke Detector where my batteries are stored since I have several dangerous, homemade Lithium-ion batteries.  Building batteries from used 18650 cells is a hobby of mine. I recommend that you do not use homemade batteries as they can explode or catch fire, hence the smoke detector.  It connects with my Smart Life android app and lets me know of any alarms.


4 Pack – EPAuto 30/40 AMP Relay Harness

This isn’t specifically an RV product. I installed four 12-volt LED light strips in addition to the one already in our pantry so that the shelves were a bit brighter. At first, I tried to wire them all to a Normally Open Door Switch, but the switch was only rated at .5 amp so it wouldn’t handle the amperage draw of five LED light strips — somewhere around 2 or 3 amps. The solution was to wire a relay to the Normally Open Door Switch and the five LED light strips to the relay.  These relays can handle up to 40 AMPs each, more than enough for five LED light strips.


LeMotech IP65 Waterproof Plastic Junction Box White 3.9 x 3.9 x 2.8 inch

I have three of these junction boxes. I have some solar-powered LED strings on the outside of our 5th wheel.  To prevent water intrusion where there are junctions, I use these boxes and seal the wire breakout opening with hot glue.


Indoor/Outdoor LED Christmas Lights on Dark Green Cable

I wanted some type of LED lights on our 3ft high dog fence which wraps around our 5th wheel.  I tried several strings of fairy lights; the kind with tiny LEDs glued to two thin wires but they kept shorting out on the metal fence. I tried this string and they work perfectly even during the rain.  Note they plug into a 120-volt receptacle but are 30-volt lights.  I have them plugged into an Alexa/Google Home Assistant enabled plug and they come on automatically every evening and turn off every morning.  BTW, I would recommend Google Home assistant over Alexa.


Heart Horse 12V-48V DC 30 Amp Circuit Breaker with Manual Reset

I use this circuit breaker to protect the wiring in our solar setup.  It’s simple to install and easy to reset. Remember, you don’t add circuit breakers to protect equipment! You add them to protect your wires as they can start fires, while most equipment will only stop working if overloaded.  Your equipment should always be rated for a higher amperage than your circuit breaker.


FIRMERST 16/2 Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Cable 100 Feet UL Listed

I used this landscaping wire to run to a junction box that had 4 strings of 12-volt outdoor LED Christmas lights connected to it.  The landscape wire was connected directly to our solar charge controller listed above.