A New Beginning

Goodbye 2020 Hello 20212020 is finally over!

That said, the first few months of 2021 will be even more challenging than last year, but I hope and believe things will start getting better in the next few months.  I don’t want to minimize the numerous tragedies, losses, and unrest we have experienced over the last year, but this first article of 2021 will focus on the positives of 2020 and 2021.

I want to point out a couple of the many positive stories of 2020.  While final results won’t be known for some time, CO2 emissions are believed to have declined by 7% in 2020. 1  This is mostly due to the pandemic and partly because renewable energy costs from wind and solar have dropped in the last year. 2

The RV industry also had a good year, even with a two-month shutdown from late March through early May due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 3  The RV industry is projected to have its best year ever in 2021.4

What I’m Working On

As you may note, this is not only my first post of 2021, but it is also my first post ever, at least for this blog!  You can find blog posts, podcasts, helpful resources, photos, and videos related to the RV solar industry on this site in the coming months.

My goal is to help you design, build, or purchase the best possible solar system for your RV solar needs and budget.  When I conceived of the idea for this site, I was more concerned about the content and less concerned with the aesthetics.  This will always be true, but you can expect a few graphic and design improvements. [Editor’s Note 02/01/2021: I’m quite proud of the graphic improvements I’ve made on the site in the last month.]

I will cover RV solar system design, best practices, product reviews, and installation tips.  I sincerely hope you will benefit from my posts and continue supporting me in the years to come.

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